Top #10 Sites for FiveM Resources

These five sites are the best places to find and download resources for FiveM, each offering unique features and benefits. Whether you are looking for official, community-driven, or specialized resources. | #1 Site (Free & Paid Scripts)


This site is a newcomer (but offers around 1k scripts), and many free ones, too.
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What they offer

Is this site recommended? Yep, bought a lot of resources here. Their support is awesome :slight_smile:
Would I buy again? Yes, if I run a FiveM server


SP Leaks

This leak-site offers many resources and has been up for many years.


Also a leak-site. - for German RP servers

Formerly a GTA RP server, now a resource-website:

Resmon Shop (Tebex)

Their words:

“We’re Team 0Resmon, 0Resmon was founded by developers with experience on the fivem platform. We are people who have been working on the fivem platform for a long time and have worked on many well-known servers in fivem. If you are looking for high quality scripts and high quality instant support, you can come to 0Resmon, you can already buy our scripts or you can have us do custom work. We look forward to working with you.”

It’s a Tebex shop - but they offer a lot of open source scripts. Don’t buy the encrypted ones, though.

PataMods (Tebex)

We all know, Tebex is shit, but this store is pretty nice. This supermarket script is really cool

CodeStudio (Tebex)

Also a Tebex site, but cool scripts, open source, and offers also free scripts.

Nice freebies:

## Breadfish / SA:MP Forums (German)

German forums for GTA, they also offer a free section for scripts and resources for RP.

That’s it!

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