Neco Arc Agressive (RVC v2)


This is not mine, this is just a reupload from someone i know on a discord server :smiley:
On YouTube he goes by Sokar and he makes neco arc cover… he has over 4k subs and is cool :DDD

Here is the download link:

(please credit sokar in your descriptions and this is a google drive link because its easier if you do not want to download it, and even if you want too, you still can)
[i was given permission to reupload, just remember to mention his name in descriptions and anywhere you can]



Very nice! I like it :slight_smile:

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Thank you :DDD
remember this is a reupload from discord, I will soon be uploading another one but the difference
being is that the voice is not aggressive, rather normal, both are for singing, but the aggressive voice is for angrier singing for song genres such as rock…
the other one is for normal singing (or talking) for song genres such as pop

have a good day!

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