How to use: Real Time RVC Voice Changer


If you’d like to change your voice real-time to sound like [insert cool name here], there are currently 3 methods to do it:

1. (Local) W-Okada Voice Changer

This has more options and is somewhat more convenient to use than Real-time RVC.
GUIDE: Guide for W-Okada and its Settings by <@824922747423031359>.

2. (Online) W-Okada - Colab Version

A free, online version of W-Okada that allows you to run code on Google’s powerful GPUs.
GUIDE: How to use W-Okada’s Voice Changer [Colab version].

3. (Local) Real-time conversion of RVC

It’s more accurate but requires a Nvidia RTX card.
GUIDE: How to use real time conversion with RVC (voice changer).